Use case (Verify)

Using SMS OTP for Two-Factor-Authentication has existed for a long time. While it is mostly reliable, it is definitely not the best approach to seamlessly and securely verify a user.

At, we are bringing a new approach to it and here are why it is better for both Businesses and Users. Our approach would build up an eco-system where user only need to sign-up once, and is able to use a single app, single account to approve all 2FA requests for all businesses that uses our platform for Two-Factor-Authentication. 

It would benefit your business as well, as we would take care of converting and on-boarding the users to our mobile app. Authentication using our mobile app is absolutely free, this bring significant cost reduction to your business as more users come on-board our eco-system.

Overall, it would enhances the user experience and removed the complexity from your team, so that you can focus on your core business.

Traditional Approach

SMS OTP often faces reliability issue with cost adding up quickly over time.

Expensive and Slow

  • Unreliable and Long latency SMS delivery as it goes through multiple hops to arrive at the user device
  • Prohibitively expensive as the SMS volume get larger
  • Only used for login, when it should be used for all important check points that requires the user’s decision (example: Approving an investment, payment, etc)
  • Poor Compliance, storage of OTP and SMS content on your system

Poor User Experience

  • Long delay waiting for that SMS which sometime never arrived
  • Non intuitive, need to memorise and key in that OTP
  • Susceptible to phishing attacks
  • Poor security as SMS OTP are transmitted in clear text across the Telco’s network
  • Security exploit to hijack SMS OTP are getting more prevalent

Our Value Proposition

One App, One Account, Do more!

We handle the Complexity


  • Simple Verify API to integate, various options to cover all use cases

  • Prioritise Push Authentication when available for the user
  • We take care of on-boarding the users to our mobile app
  • Auto fallback to SMS OTP when necessary, ensuring no user is left behind
  • Specially curated SMS routes for high reliability and low latency delivery
  • All these for free. Yes, that’s correct

Good User Experience

  • An eco-system where a single app, single account is used for all businesses that uses our platform for 2-Factor-Authentication
  • Fast and highly reliable delivery of Push Authentication
  • Single Tap approval, no more remembering or copying of OTP
  • Better security, remove phishing attacks
  • Approval history to keep everything on track
  • All tied to the user’s mobile number, portable to any new device

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