Use case (T-OTP)

T-OTP has existed in the market for a long time and are used by many businesses for Two-Factor-Authentication. While it is better and more secure than traditional SMS OTP, it is still relatively un-intuitive resulting in poor user experience.

At, we are bringing a new approach to it and here are why it is better for both Businesses and Users. Our approach would build up an eco-system where user only need to sign-up once, and is able to use a single app, single account to generate a single T-OTP for all  businesses that uses our platform for Two-Factor-Authentication.

It would benefit your business as well, as we would take care of converting and on-boarding the users to our mobile app. Authentication using our mobile app is free, this bring significant cost reduction to your business as more users come on-board our eco-system.

Overall, it would enhances the user experience and removed the complexity from your team, so that you can focus on your core business.

Traditional Approach

Long list of accounts and T-OTP to manage

Cumblesome to Implement

  • Need to generate and store pre-shared key per user, account, device
  • Implement and manage T-OTP calculation
  • Difficult to manage pre-shared key changes due to security breaches
  • Poor Compliance, pre-shared key and T-OTP are stored on your system

Poor User Experience

  • Manually add and manage each account with different sign-up method
  • Long list of account to search for the correct one to use
  • Not portable, change of device require new sign-up
  • Tons of 2FA apps to choose from with different functionality

Our Value Proposition

Only one Account and T-OTP

We handle the Complexity

  • We managed the pre-shared key that’s synchronised with the app
  • We would periodically change the pre-shared key to increase security
  • A single API call to verify the user’s T-OTP. Implement with just a few lines of code and immediately improve security
  • Compliance, you do not need to store any user’s pre-shared key on your system
  • All these for free. Yes, that’s correct.

Good User Experience

  • A single app and T-OTP for all accounts that uses our platform for 2FA
  • We take care of on-boarding the user to our 2FA app, so you can focus on your business 
  • No more manually adding every single account and no more long list of accounts to search
  • All tied to the user’s mobile number, portable to any new device

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