Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) significantly decreases the risk of hackers accessing your user’s account, blocking majority of phishing attacks

Together, we protect your users from unauthorised access to their accounts.

Add enhanced 2FA to any website or app within minutes and it’s free

Latest News

Should I worry about my password being Compromised?

Companies have various ways of encrypting passwords. There are also techniques called salting and hashing. The upshot is, the average user will not take the time to find out how the affected company does their encrypting — or hashing or salting for that matter.  ...

SS7 network exploited

Researchers are able to compromise many popular social media sites by hacking SS7 network, intercepting an OTP, resetting passwords and taking ownership of accounts Researchers have exploited a flaw in the SS7 protocol to intercept one time passcodes (OTP) used by...

2FA remain the Best Practice!

The biggest vulnerability to being hacked is still the human factor. Successful hackers have a bewildering array of psychological tricks in their arsenal. A cyber attack could come as a polite request, a scary warning, a message ostensibly from a friend or colleague,...

Protect your users against …

Account Hijacking

Identity theft in which the hacker uses the stolen account to carry out malicious activities.

Fraudulent Transactions

Revenue and Reputation Loss via transactions carried out by unauthorised users.

Unauthorised Access

Blocking unauthorised access plays a central role in preventing sensitive data breaches.

Phishing Attempts

Social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials.

Devasting Financial Loss

Stolen credentials are used to fund shopping sprees. Draining accounts overnight. Eco-System

Use case (Verify)

Businesses using SMS OTP for Two-Factor-Authentication has existed for a long time. While it is mostly reliable, it is definitely not the best approach to seamlessly and securely verify a user.

Use case (T-OTP)

Businesses are moving to T-OTP for Two-Factor-Authentication. While it is more secure than traditional SMS OTP, it is un-intuitive and results in a poor user experience.

Simple API to Safeguard your Customers 

Our API is easy to integrate and flexible to get started with just a few lines of codes. Multiple integration options customisable to your security requirements and use cases.


Verify SMS

Automated OTP delivery fallback via SMS thru our Global Operator network. Best-in-class delivery.

Verify Push

With our 2FA mobile app, users can APPROVE access directly from their mobile device.


Custom SMS

Already generating One-Time-Pin on your own? Use our reliable OTP-SMS routes for your OTP traffic.

Benefits of 2FA.Link


Increase Security

Confirm identity to secure accounts, authenticate highly-priced transactions and prevent fraud at the source.

Real Users

Eliminate fake accounts. Sign up only real users with valid mobile number. Only real users generate revenues. 


Failure to achieve and maintain security compliance can result in serious financial and legal penalties.

Improved Reputation

Trust is the oxygen that allows reputation to exist. Reinforce it when you care about your user’s security.

IP Geolocation

Understand where your users are making the approval. Avoid phishing with additional risk check.

Global Coverage

Best-in-class SMS deliverability around the world with our curated and reliable OTP SMS routes.

Reduce Cost

2FA via our mobile app is free.  No string attached, we only ask that you help spread the word. 

Ease of Use

Users can Approve or Decline requests easily from our Mobile app or One-Time-Link (OTL).

Verify SMS

Verification is free, only pay for SMS when required. Sign-up, integrate and start securing your user’s account now.

Verify SMS

One-Time-Pin is generated and sent by SMS through our global operator network.

If your user already have our 2FA mobile app installed, authentication would automatically be pushed thru the mobile app. This ensure that the user has the best 2FA experience.

Verify OTL

Together with the SMS OTP is a One-Time-Link (OTL). Using this OTL, your users can Approve or Decline directly from our webapp.

2FA Mobile App




All authentication via our Mobile app is free. More reasons for your users to sign up for it.

Verify Push

Improve security and user experience, allow your users to Approve or Decline directly from our mobile App.

  • No OTP to input
  • Protect against Phishing

Automatic fall-back to Verify SMS if user does not have our mobile app installed, ensuring no users are left behind. 

Verify TOTP

Our mobile app support Time-Based One Time Password (TOTP) 2FA method and generates a PIN locally on the device.

  • No dependency on cellular or WIFI network

TOTP is part of the Open Authentication (OAUTH) security architecture.

Custom SMS

Only pay for SMS messages, nothing else. Get credit by providing delivery feedback.


Looking for Reliable SMS provider with good price? Look no further.

Our SMS routes for OTP traffic are specially curated for Quality and Competitively priced.


To optimise our routing and benefit all users on our platform, we offer an API for our customers to feedback on SMS delivery quality.

As appreciation, we offer credit for SMS delivery quality feedback. 

More details are available in your account dashboard.

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