Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) significantly decreases the risk of hackers accessing your accounts, thus blocking majority of phishing and impersonation attacks

Don’t wait, secure your accounts today!

It’s so important that this should be installed on every smart phone

Why is our 2FA Authenticator app better?


Immediate. No more waiting for that SMS which sometime never even arrive.

Ease of Use

One Tap Approval or Decline, no OTP to memorise, copy or enter.



No OTP to steal, no SMS to hijack. End-to-end encrypted Authentication.


Independent Authenticator, your security is the only thing we care.



Only mobile number for verification, we do not collect other information.

Latest News

Should I worry about my password being Compromised?

Companies have various ways of encrypting passwords. There are also techniques called salting and hashing. The upshot is, the average user will not take the time to find out how the affected company does their encrypting — or hashing or salting for that matter.  ...

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SS7 network exploited

Researchers are able to compromise many popular social media sites by hacking SS7 network, intercepting an OTP, resetting passwords and taking ownership of accounts Researchers have exploited a flaw in the SS7 protocol to intercept one time passcodes (OTP) used by...

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2FA remain the Best Practice!

The biggest vulnerability to being hacked is still the human factor. Successful hackers have a bewildering array of psychological tricks in their arsenal. A cyber attack could come as a polite request, a scary warning, a message ostensibly from a friend or colleague,...

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2FA protect you against …

Account Hijacking

Identity theft in which the hacker uses the stolen account to carry out malicious activities.

Fraudulent Transactions

Revenue and Reputation Loss via transactions carried out by unauthorised users.

Unauthorised Access

Blocking unauthorised access plays a central role in preventing sensitive data breaches.

Phishing Attempts

Social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials.

Devasting Financial Loss

Stolen credentials are used to fund shopping sprees. Draining accounts overnight.

Supported Authentication Methods

One-Tap Approval

When a website or application require 2-Factor-Authentication from you, you would receive a notification from our mobile app.

Pop-up window would show you the site and purpose of access. Tap on “Approve” and it’s done.

End-to-end encrypted to protect your identity and privacy.


Time-based One-time Password (TOTP)

Some website or application may request you to enter a Time-based OTP. Open up our 2FA mobile and copy the TOTP code.

TOTP code is generated from a shared-secret key that is stored encrypted on your device. It would be changed periodically to mitigate phishing and other security breaches.